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Dinowolf98 has started a donation pool!
1,459 / 1
:iconaustereexterminator: / :iconlativer: THE GREATEST PERSON EVER.

Same with :iconnikolass83gianni: !! AHH JUST LOVE THEM ALL!

Everyone who donated, thank you all u v u You have no clue how much those points mean to me ; v ; :

Points. by AidennyPoints. by AidennyPoints. by Aidenny

i'd like to say that
sometimes I don't check my messages regularly, so they start to pile up
so like
i don't really have the time to comment on every thing that comes up
I'd love to but please don't ask me to comment on them ;;
like, i have simple and stupid mind which won't allow me to make big, deep, and amazing sentences/ paragraphs on your artwork
and to make them different and unique everytime???
but if you're soo insistent for me to say something on it, I'm literally just going to type 'cool dis i s vry avvsum' on it
how's that for deep

I like to fave things
a lot of things
even things that people tell me to ignore
but really???
don't be so pushy and tell me to do shit for you
to check out your gallery
to go and like your fb page??
to watch you????
not to be rude but don't ask me to watch you
I watch whoever I want to
also adding that I watch over 800+ people ughuuu

I'm only going to watch people that I really like and are amazing u o u

thank you for understanding ;;
I'm sorry I'm so rude nnnh
i'm soo sorry //cries

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i can't
my bbs by Dinowolf98
Art Trade with the ever so lovely, StreamCat by Dinowolf98
Art Trade w/ madhatterkyoko by Dinowolf98
ugly drawing by Dinowolf98
nannvor qt by Dinowolf98
Doodle Dump by Dinowolf98
I haven't done commissions in awhile sOOO
To be honest they really aren't that good
but if anyone is desperate hahahahahahahha ask me
They're cheap since they're all awful

The examples are just some recent uploads to show what they might look like, like that's what the outlines look like and how I shade and color things so if you're not interested in that type of stuff that's fine since I'm horrible with art and deserve to not get anything but I'm still trying anyway cause I don't know

also I'm awful with backgrounds so I'll probably not do them unless you really want one, then I'll try my best to make it not look bad



Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
The ever so wonderful and talanted <3 :
Awesome dudes ; v ; <3
Really sweet people // v \\ <3
Uber rad people:
:iconkawaiisandvich::iconmasher101::icontylerkunkelman: :icondarkcervant:
Oh my goodness! Thank you so much!!


Stamp by TormentorSkyMituna Captor Stamp by crazycatnipladyStamp: Mituna by ShendijiroStamp: Kurloz by ShendijiroStamp: Sollux by ShendijiroStamp: Karkat by ShendijiroStamp: Nepeta by ShendijiroStamp: Tavros by ShendijiroStamp: Equius by ShendijiroI love Lithium Stamp by KurisuXGrellSutcliffI'm a Psycho Kitty Stamp by KurisuXGrellSutcliffLithium is Cute Stamp by KurisuXGrellSutcliffT shirts and gear stamp by Shadow-Guardian0Men with Glasses Stamp by FlyKiwiFlyStamp - Glasses by the-illustr8orPortal Stamp - Blue by SparkLumPortal Stamp - Orange by SparkLumPortal 2 Stamp by parallellogicSteam Stamp by badtrane:iconportaljumpplz1::iconportaljumpplz2:Halo 3 Stamp by googlememanHalo Reach Stamp by SuperFlash1980Stamp: Halo Reach Fan by NawamaneLeague of Legends: Ashe Stamp by immature-giraffeLeague Of Legends Stamp by simoverdeLeague of Legends: Vi Stamp by immature-giraffeLeague of Legends: Caitlyn Stamp by immature-giraffeNasus League of Legends Stamp by 10mgBT1012cada5minLeague of Legends: Miss Fortune Stamp by immature-giraffeAnnie League of Legends Stamp by 10mgBT1012cada5minLeague of Legends: Diana Stamp by immature-giraffeLeague of Legends: Akali Stamp by immature-giraffeLeague of Legends: Sejuani Stamp by immature-giraffeLeague of Legends: Brand Stamp by immature-giraffeLeague of Legends: Kog'Maw Stamp by immature-giraffeLeague of Legends: Nasus Stamp by immature-giraffeLeague of Legends: Quinn Stamp by immature-giraffeLeft 4 Dead 2 Stamp by sonicxrules219Left 4 Dead Stamp AnimatedPNG by badtraneTF2 Classes Stamp by DancingEngieStamp- TF2: Meet the Red Team by anime-dragon-tamerFlipnote 3D Stamp by KayshaeMinecraft Stamp by RandomTons-Minecraft- Dr. Wood Puncher by NorthboundFoxMichael Jones Stamp by CadetCutieJack Pattillo Stamp by CadetCutieGeoff Ramsey Stamp by CadetCutieRay Narvaez Jr. Stamp by CadetCutieRyan Haywood Stamp by CadetCutieRage Quit Stamp by P0SSUMSStamp :: Achievement Hunter by homestucktroll123Spiral Knights Stamp by Firey-FlamyKill La Kill Stamp: IraMako by wow1076AAAAAH! by YukimeStampsMachineGun! by YukimeStampsStamp - Nonon by TaoreroKill La Kill Stamp: Mako by wow1076my first stamp by undeaddoktorMS Ghost Lewis Stamp by TwilightProwlerMS Vivi Stamp by TwilightProwlerMS Ghost Stamp by TwilightProwler
Gamagori! by YukimeStampsMankanshoku Mako! by YukimeStampsTsunugu! by YukimeStampsAikuro Mikisugi 2! by YukimeStampsNonon Jakuzure 2! by YukimeStampsMatoi Ryuko 3! by YukimeStampsKiryuin Satsuki 4! by YukimeStamps
League of Legends Stamp by Frambwaz

If anyone is interested, here's my facebook:
nnnnnnnnnnnng I'm sorry 
I can't
  like it's getting difficult to kind of stay active here

it might be because I've been playing smash a lot, but that's not the only reason why
    things are terrible and ugh
like why complain, but anyways! Excuse me, the main point of this is to say that I've been letting all my messages build up for awhile anddd-

         I got a chance to clear a lot of them out, but I normally set aside ones that I plan on commenting on, so don't think that I just ignored yours or anything, but I'm afraid to say that I might not be able to write anything like I originally planned

   I let it build for so long, that it's getting increasingly difficult to write anything without having it become repetitive or anything (because I choose to not write anything too simple.) It's my fault really, but it's just something I've been doing for awhile. 

            I also have to get on replying to all those comments oh my //orz'' eventually it'll get done, but please bare with me 

    Also, a great big thanks to Gangor7 ! He was there for me when everything kind of built up and I felt miserable, but he made me feel better that sweet thang uvu I'm just going to use this as an opportunity to give him a little shout-out if anyone looks at this n v n so please!! please please!! Check out my awesome friend! He's very kind and funny person and would love for more people to look at his stuff q v q 

   I doubt anyone will read this, but thank you so much if you did! I just didn't want anyone to think poorly of me or anything and just wanted to explain what was going on if anyone was curious ;;;

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Also a sale until Nov 21st / $25 a case 

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